We distribute a wide selection of various types of Teflon tape, each suited for different tasks. Teflon is polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE) and is heat resistant against the high temperatures that can occur in relation to e.g. welding, as the surface becomes heated. Our fireproof PTFE tape endures temperatures up to 260°C.

Scan-Tef is SILCOFA’s product designation for Teflon/fireproof PTFE tape; one side of the tape is silicone- or acrylic adhesive. The tape is used for various purposes, i.e. foil welding, coating, sliding surfaces, release sheets, and the reduction of static electricity.

Our Teflon tape:

  • is available in widths of 5 mm – 1000 mm
  • is available in depths of 0,07 mm – 0,23 mm
  • will be cut to suit your requirements
  • comes in widths of 10 mm – 299 mm in coils of 30 m
  • is available in the type designations ZONE, EST, and PO tape.

Download the data sheets about our Teflon/PTFE tape in the menu to your right. The data sheets contain detailed information regarding measurements, thickness, heat resistance, etc.


Our tape is available in different varieties from “X”, the non-adhesive tape regularly used for thread sealing of nearly any material, to “SPX” and “APX”, the adhesive silicone- and acrylic tape. “SPX” and “APX” are available in various kinds of customized thickness. While silicone is highly heat resistant and has a strong adhesion to silicone surfaces, acrylic is very well suited for i.e. plastic and metal.

Our “ZONE” tape is primarily used for welding in preparation for a smooth and clean result that requires a minimum of posterior cleaning. This tape is Teflon-coated with a non-adhesive zone in the middle enabling it to be used on surfaces not suited for adhesive materials. The “ZONE” tape is available in coils of 30 meters and, in addition to the standard measurements, it is available in customized widths – for further reading check out the data sheets to your right.

“HST” tape is a different variety of Teflon-tape that is highly secure and has a high resistance. “HST” is short for Heat Sealer Tape and it is especially suited for extremely hot surfaces. The standard measurements are between 10/20 (clear width/total mm) and 50/60, and the thickness between 0,07-0,24. Our “HST” tape is available in coils of 30 meters.


We have a variety of tapes in stock; however, are you unable to find a particular kind of tape? Feel free to call +45 36 771 781 or email us at salg@silcofa.dk. We are able to customize tape with different measurements fitting your needs.

Regarding our “ZONE” and “HST” tape, there are various probable reasons to choose one over the other. Are you having doubts as to which tape is best suited for you? Please call and tell us about the specifications of your project so that we may help you in the best way possible.


You can read more about the technical details for Teflon via FAQ and the data sheets in the menu below. Learn more about the weight, available measurements, operating pressure, and the extensibility of the material.

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