We like to call it a package solution as we distribute all kinds of wearing parts for impulse welders.

Impulse welders have various kinds of components. We are able to deliver all kinds of wearing parts and are able to order those out of stock, should it be requested.


  • Scan-Tef welding tape
  • HST-Tape
  • Zone-Tape
  • Welding wires – with or without a Teflon-coating (PTFE)
  • Rubber mats for welding
  • HGW – Silicone glass fabric with silicone resin
  • Curtains for shrink tunnels (TSIL)

Are you not sure which products you need? We are able to find your data from previous purchases in our system. In the menu to your right you will find a folder containing the data sheets for this specific package solution.

Should you have questions regarding our assortment please feel free to call +45 36 771 781 or email us at salg@silcofa.dk. We look forward to hearing from you.

Are you not sure which products you need?

Feel free to contact us:

+45 36 77 17 81 salg@silcofa.dk