Our silicone tubes are made in strong and sterile materials making them suitable for both isolation and medical purposes and for the agri-food industry. The silicone tubes are resistant against bacteria and can be used for transportation of fluids, packaging, peristaltic pumps, dosage dispending, coffee machines etc.

Silicone is a soft and yieldable material as opposed to e.g. plastic tubes. This leads to a smooth assembly and an increase in flexibility when installed onto joints. Especially around “sharp edges”.

Additionally, silicone is resistant toward UV radiation, ozone, and static electricity, and it can be sterilized against heat and radiation. However, please note that silicone is not resistant when used as packaging in boxes containing vegetable oil. Nonetheless, the material will not be damaged from indirect impacts.


We have a significant amount of silicone tubes that are both medically- and food approved. The tubes:

  • come with an inside diameter from 1 mm to 12,5mm
  • are ordinarily being shipped from our storage in Hvidovre
  • are being delivered within a short space of time (including dimensions, different types of hardness, and colors not available in stock)
  • are food approved regardless of color
  • are temperature-resistant (from -60°C to +180°C).

The inside measurements are calculated on the base of the inside diameter and the thickness of the tubes – for example, the designation 10 x 2 indicates an inside diameter of 10 mm and a thickness of 2 mm which adds up to a thickness of 14 mm. When installing the tubes onto joints the measurement of the inside diameter is used. The flexibility of the tubes allows for installation of smaller tubes onto bigger threads. However, should you have any doubt about the suitable size feel free to contact us.

The hardness of the silicone tubes differs depending on whether you are dealing with solid or foamed silicone. In some cases, the non-flexible, solid silicone is the preferred choice rather than the so-called foamed rubber-silicone. Both variants, however, are available at SILCOFA. Learn more about penetrometer and the hardness of the silicone, and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any doubt about which tubes are the best fit for your purpose.

In the pharmaceutical industry and the food industry where strong acids and bases are not being used, a soft, foamed silicone-tube would be the ideal choice.

The silicone-tubes are generally transparent but come in other colors as well, i.e. blue. The tubes being different colors makes it easier to separate the instruments from each other. Learn more about color-separating of the tubes in the data sheets in the menu to your right or feel free to contact us.


You can read more about the technical details for silicone tubes via FAQ and the data sheets in the menu below. Learn more about the weight, available measurements, operating pressure, and the extensibility of the material.

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