Teflon (PTFE) is known to many as it is often used for coating on cooking pans- and pots; still, Teflon is used for several other purposes. Besides the hardware industry Teflon is often used in the automobile- and clothing industry, and is even used as a resistant and weatherproof material for sealing, coverage, and coating in the energy sector.

Teflon is an intensely crystal-like type of plastic that is made of polytetrafluorethylene, hence the abbreviation PTFE, and it is highly resistant toward chemicals. Teflon is also heat resistant, meaning it can endure temperatures from -80°C to +240°C.

Our Teflon (PTFE):

  • is available under the names Scan-Tef, Food-Tef, and Food-Tef Hybrid
  • is a smooth but non-slippery material that endures high temperatures
  • is made of polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE), a polymer made of fluorinated ethylene
  • is available in different levels of Teflon-coating (the price increases depending on the level of Teflon-coating)
  • is available as pure Teflon/PTFE, e.g. tape, sheets or foil.

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Scan-Tef is available as both tape and conveyer belts and it has a good grip without sticking. This makes this type of Teflon suitable for welding, frying, and mechanical assembling. The Teflon belts are used for various procedures in different industries.

The airflow and the high heat-resistance enables our Teflon belts to fry, mold, and cool in particular. Read more about our Scan-Tef conveyer belts and our Teflon-tape by following this link.

Food-Tef is available as belts and baking/frying-foil and it is made for food-use as a substitute for paper baking-sheets or foil.

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You can read more about the technical details for Teflon and PTFE via FAQ and the data sheets in the menu below. Learn more about the weight, available measurements, operating pressure, and the extensibility of the material.

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