Tfe-Lok surfaces are hard-wearing types of coating containing materials with a low adhesion coefficient.

In the production of Tfe-Lok surfaces they are provided a hard-wearing coating) See drawing A.

A subsequent chemical and electrochemical treatment generates thousands of micropores, -cracks or gaps on the surface of the hard-wearing coating, with depths down to 0,015 mm. Heating up the material to approximately +150-200°C causes a thermal expansion. See drawing B.

The following, physical of the particles in the coating – a so-called ‘sealing effect’ – ensures a durable combination of abrasion resistance and a low adhesion coefficient. See drawing C.

  • Tfe-Lok has a low adhesion coefficient equivalent to Teflon.
  • Tfe-Lok endures hard force equivalent to hard chromium.
  • It can endure temperatures from -240°C up to +250°C and has a very efficient connection between the coating and the base material.
  • Tfe-Lok has an antistatic surface.

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