At SILCOFA you will find various silicone baking mats- and sheets for kitchen use. Our silicone products are made for both professional and industrial purposes as well as for home kitchens – visit our web shop here. We are, as well, able to customize baking mats- and sheets with your own logo.

Silicone equipment are used for baking and making hard candy both at home and professionally. The various kinds of silicone equipment can be molds and mats, and baking cups and sheets. The durability and flexibility of the silicone make it easy to use and clean as well.

Features about our baking mats- and molds:

  • Can be used in the oven without protection.
  • Can endure temperatures from -60°C to +230°C.
  • Stay put in the oven while baking, as opposed to paper sheets.
  • Are food approved.
  • Are resistant toward UV radiation, ozone, and static electricity.


Our baking mats have a smooth and slippery finish which makes the dough slip off easily. This makes them perfect for both kneading and baking. The mats are also a great fit for making hard candy. Adding another baking mat on top of the mat with the candy mass allows you to mold the candy while avoiding sticky and/or ruined equipment.


Our silicone molds have the same features as our mats which make them fit for making cupcakes, chocolates and small pies. As opposed to plastic, silicone does not melt when exposed to high temperatures – additionally, silicone is made from a durable material even if it might seem sensitive. Should the dough or mass burn and get stuck to the silicone it is possible to scrape it off rather easily.

Round-shaped baking molds can be used for cake, bread, and pie where a smooth and delicate surface is required. The non-stick feature of the mold lets you avoid crumbles. The flexibility of the silicone molds is especially valued in professional fields. Ceramic baking molds may be good but the flexibility and the light weight of the silicone molds make them more effective and easier to clean and keep.


Under production, all of our silicone products go through an exhaustive heat treatment and cleansing for chemicals. This means, that all SILCOFA silicone products for kitchen use are food approved. However, we do recommend cleaning of the products with hot water and soap before use. Most of the silicone products also endure dishwashers. Avoid scouring products as they will cause damage to the surface.

Further information

At SILCOFA you will find various silicone baking mats- and sheets for kitchen use in addition to silicone baking sheets, silicone molds and mats for sweets. Should you have questions regarding our assortment please call +45 771 781 or email us at We look forward to assisting you.


You can read more about the technical details for silicone sheets via FAQ and the data sheets in the menu below. Learn more about the weight, available measurements, operating pressure, and the extensibility of the material.

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