SILCOFA acts as agent for Fotolec GlassGuard Black Band and is the only distributer of GlassGuard in Denmark.

Regular shatterproof coating often becomes crispy and discolored and, in worst cases, peels off and will make a mess.

GlassGuard are shatterproof fluorescent tubes and light bulbs that will increase the safety during the production. GlassGuard is Teflon-coated and thereby resistant toward UV radiation and temperatures over +200°C.

  • Each GlassGuard light source fulfills all food hygiene standards including BRC and FDA.
  • GlassGuard fluorescent tubes have a longevity of 20.000 hours minimum, thereby reducing maintenance costs.
  • Fluorescent tubes can be used in most places.
  • The coating only reduces 1% of the visible light leaving the maximum performance.
  • The coating is undamageable leaving no risk of contamination.
  • Teflon is a flour-polymer with a high resistance toward heat which makes the coating more fit than other shatterproof coatings.


  • T5 bulbs:
    • 13W - 525mm
    • 14/24W -  563mm
    • 28/54W -1163mm
    • 35/49/54/80W - 1463mm
  • T8 bulbs:
    • 15W - 450mm
    • 18W - 600mm
    • 30W - 900mm
    • 32/36W - 1200mm
    • 38W - 1050mm
    • 51W - 1500mm
    • 63W - 1800mm
  • Insect bulbs:
    • 15/20/40W -450/600mm

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